The BODO project was an idea originally conceptualized by UC San Diego undergraduate students, Snehal Desai, Yousaf Jafri, Desi Kalcheva, and Nilay Shah. As Political Science majors, the team was continually exposed to challenges posed to both national and local education systems at home and abroad, and were beckoned to generate a sustainable project contributing to the improvement of the K-12 learning communities.


In April of 2011, President Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative University recognized the potential and power of BODO, awarding the scholars not only with national prestige, but also with an endowment funding the start up of the organization. Just several months later, the BODO team had successfully launched the first phase of its initiative and is committed to furthering its reach and ambitions.


Rooted in this continuous motivation for servicing underprivileged communities is the inherent belief of these four young adults that education is not a privilege, but a right to humanity. Accessibility to education and all of the resources that come with it should not be reserved for only those who can afford it, but for any and all minds embracing of knowledge and the power to channel it towards ensuring healthy, educated, thriving communities.

BODO Project @ John Muir Elementary School - Nov. 2, 2012