Born out of undergraduates’ concern for disadvantaged K-12 children, the BODO Project is based on the principle of buying one notebook for personal use and, in turn, donating one to a child lacking that same, vital resource.


The BODO Team is collaborating with the THINK Together program, streamlining all proceeds to help low-income students in Santa Ana, California and in other local school districts.


At present, we are working to serve immediate educational needs with basic supplies including: construction paper, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, and of course, notebooks. 100% of our profit is channeled into sustaining the operations of the organization and transitionally, we invest all proceeds in purchasing supplies for disadvantaged communities at home.


The BODO Philosophy is one that is rooted in social awareness, activism, and environmental sustainability. Each one of our notebooks is high in quality and environmentally friendly. Moreover, it is a fundamental tool for learning inside the classroom and, in parallel, serves as one additional building block for creating proactive change beyond the classroom.


The BODO Project promises to bring about positive impact from notebook to student, and ultimately, from student to community.